What does it cost to run your website? A few dollars a month? A few thousand dollars a month? It may surprise you to know that developing a site can cost tens of thousands of dollars. And to keeping it running - now that's expensive. So what makes people feel that everything on-line should be free?

What is an idea worth to you? How about a really good idea?

I see people every day in courses I attend and courses I deliver that are feverishly scribbling notes, trying to capture every idea being presented.

Then they go home. Back to their jobs. Back to their daily lives. And they do NOTHING with all those ideas they were given.

So, truth be told, ideas are worthless.

But when you take action on an idea? That can change your life! Then a single idea could easily become priceless!

How much did you pay for the last course you took? A few hundred dollars? A few thousand dollars? What action did you take as a result of that course?

This is why consultants bring value. They visit your workplace, collect ideas and force action toward implementation on those ideas. In return they are handsomely paid. Typically thousands of dollars each day.

Some consultants don't charge based on time. They get paid on results. Typically a 50-50 split on what they find. So if they suggest a change to your company structure that saves you $16,000 each year, they charge $8,000. When they find a broken process or procedure that is costing you $50K per year, they charge you $25K when they point it out. But you get to save the $16K and $50K per year, every year, for as long as you are in business. So that $8 or $25K was actually a pretty cheap payment. Did you feel cheap when you paid it?

When was the last time you paid someone for a really good idea they gave you? Odds are they have bills to pay and a family to support too.

How many valuable ideas did you find on this website? What would implementing those ideas bring back to you?

I am truly grateful for the ideas that I have been blessed to be able to share online.

And I strongly believe in the pay for value model.

If the spirit of giving moves you to share some of the value you have received, feel free to do so here:



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